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  1. General Details

    With the Smart universal remote control you can convert most of your devices operated with infrared remote controls into Smart.

    It’s very simple, this remote control can add the devices as if it were a universal remote control, but you can control and automate them from the phone.

    You can turn that old air conditioning into Smart, programming it to turn on at a particular time, or when the temperature reaches a certain value, achieving incredible benefits.

    Your stereo, your TV or most of the devices that are controlled with infrared remote controls can be SMARTed

  2. Technical Details

    Measures 68x68x27mm

    Infrared Frequency 38kHz

    7 infrared contacts. You can capture devices from any 360 angle.

    You must have direct eye contact with the device to be controlled.

    Function with WIFI

    Input DC5V 1A (MicroUSB2.0)

    It allows you to program and control your devices with all the functions of the APP

    He works with a wide list of brands.

    It has the signal copier function in the event that the mark is not found in the list.

    Connection: Wifi

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