Smart Valve Controls

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  1. General Details

    Our Smart valve control allows you to open and close faucets or stopcocks (spherical) 1⁄4 back automatically and motorizedly. You can open them manually with a button or through the Linda Smart app. You can also schedule schedules, link to the climate of the place and automate its functions through the APP. It has the option of manual operation in case there is no electricity.

  2. Detalles Técnicos

    Open and close taps or stopcocks (spherical 1⁄2 and 3/4. It also works with 1 inch but requires an adaptation in the metal grip)

    Valve control is suitable for outdoor use.

    Engine torque 30 to 60 kgf/cm

    WIFI Reception Range – 30m

    Programmable and interconnectable with other devices, such as flood detector or humidity sensor.

    Opening and closing times 5 to 10 seconds

    It works with WATER, GAS AND AIR.

    Torque 30-60

    WIFI distance Max 30 m.

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