Smart Pet Feeder 2.0

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  1. General Details

    The Smart Pet Feeder is an excellent solution for all people who want to be in contact with their pet when they are not at home (work, travel, etc). Who gives you food when you’re not here solves your problem. It allows you to see them through the camera and interact with them. You can continue organizing your trips with peace of mind and be able to feed and see your pet from a distance. Designed for cats and small and medium dogs.

  2. Technical Details

    6 Liter Dispenser

    Portions from 10 to 100 grams, regular from 10 grams

    Two-way interaction: you speak, see and listen.

    Allows you to record personalized sound to call them to eat

    Food between 2 and 10 mm (dry food only)

    5V 10r/min motor

    Speaker: 8Ω 0.5W

    Microphone: -30DBV/Pa

    Power Source: Input AC110V-220V, Output DC5V 1st

    WiFi connection

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