Wi-Fi Smart Humidity and Temperature Sensor

  1. General Details

    The humidity and temperature sensor is an incredibly useful device for both industrial and home use. This sensor allows you to measure temperature and humidity, and has a display that shows the information in real time. The entire line of sensors are great tools for automating other devices. Through the app you can automate functions of other devices based on the results of this sensor. Example: If the temperature exceeds 27 degrees, turn on the Smart plug (with a fan plugged in). If the humidity exceeds 40%, turn on the air conditioning at 22 degrees.

  2. General Details
  3. Detalles Técnicos

    Measurements 60*63*25mm

    Humidity Variation 10% – 90% RH

    Temperature Variation -10ºC to 55ºC

    Standby current <30uA

    Low power undervoltage <2.7V

    Wi-Fi connection 2.4Ghz


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