Smart Dichroic GU10-Led

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  1. General Details

    Control your smart lamp over WiFi, from your phone with the Linda Smart App, without the need for a HUB. Individual and group control and timer: with Linda Smart WiFi bulbs, you can control multiple lamps on one device at the same time, turn them on and off at a preset time wherever you are.

    Application control: everything can be done on your phone. Download the Linda Samrt app, connect the dichroic lamps to your local WiFi. Requires 2.4 GHz WiFi, 5 GHz WiFi is not supported.

  2. Technical Details

    Measure 50 mm

    Warm colors Colds

    5 Watts

    450 Lumens

    220/240V 50Hz


    CCT 2700K 6500K




    Voice control

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