Indoor PTZ Smart Wi-Fi Camera

  1. General Details

    Among all the needs that one can have at home, one of the most important is to see that everything is fine when one is not there. The interior camera allows you to place the camera in an environment with the ability to direct it to the sector you want to see, but also with the possibility of seeing the rest of the environment thanks to its PAN AND TILT capacity (360 movement). This camera can record the events in an SD memory. It has two-way audio to listen and talk. Follow-up mode can be programmed to record and follow the person throughout the environment. It can be placed on ceilings, walls or countertops without problems due to its ability to invert the image if necessary. Ideal for the interior of your home. Excellent alternative as baby call.

  2. Technical Details

    Measurements 70*110.9mm

    Working Temperature -10 ºC to 45 ºC

    Material PVC

    PTZ: 345º horizontal and 85º vertical

    Weight 312g

    Support MicroSD up to 128GB

    Power supply DC5V 1A

    Resolutions: HD 1920×10180. / SD 704×576

    4mm lens

    Wi-Fi connection 2.4Ghz

    Two-Way Audi

    Human motion detection

    Night vision


  3. Pictures
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