For years we have been seeing concepts such as “home automation”, “intelligent devices”, the word “Smart”, the concept “Internet of things or Internet of Things (IOT), and another world of new technologies that are facilitating our lives in different aspects.
Some of them were always very expensive or very complex to install, being only an option for a very small segment of society.

Today we are facing a digital age where connectivity, communication and immediacy have taken on a unique role.

Before we had tube televisions, then plasmas appeared, then LEDs and today we call them “SMART”. We move from qualifying products by their capabilities or technical specifications to calling them SMART. Today they become Smart because they are devices that integrate applications and have an Internet connection. And that is the natural process of the Internet of Things.

Just as SMART televisions appeared, and in a very natural way they became the best option for the consumer, today we bring and present a wide range of SMART products that will replace the previous ones, not only because of their better capabilities, but also because of their concept. SMART.

They are devices that can be managed from a Smart phone through our LINDA SMART App.
Within them you will see products as simple as light lamps, scales, different types of sensors, even infrared signal controllers to be able to control air conditioners, televisions, stereos, among others.

They will be able to control their products remotely, they will be able to program schedules, they will be able to automate them and many other functions.

The product line grows day by day and inevitably makes our daily tasks easier.

Innovative Products

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